American Scholars began with a mission: to build the first and largest interactive pro-American education platform for ages 13+ to learn about American History, freedom, and finance.

We believe that God, country, and family come first in education -- not woke social experiments that lead Americans into poverty, racism, and victimhood.

Our innovative platform offers two distinct features:
  • Anytime courses on American history, freedom, and finance for ages 13+, taught by top professors nationwide. We add a new lesson every week.
  • Free speech forum offering anonymous and interactive exchanges on pro-American educational topics - fully inclusive of parents, students, K-12 teachers, professors, and all other citizens.
All memberships, starting at $9/month, include unlimited courses and lessons.

We welcome everyone over the age of 13 to learn from professors and K-12 educators on our platform. Whether you are a young parent or a retiree, a family interested in meeting homeschool experts, or a curious student: American Scholars welcomes you.

Top 5 Reasons to Sign Up for American Scholars

A true American story of innovation and ingenuity


We are entirely self-funded. Our team consists only of educators and tech entrepreneurs who care deeply about pro-American education, every single day. We offer a combined five decades of experience.


We are entirely homegrown. We are built the platform with 10,000 lines of custom code. Out-of-the-box technology does not drive the American Scholars platform.


We are true believers in free speech. Our free speech forum allows for you to post on issues deemed 'sensitive' by censors across Big Tech platforms.


We are hiring the very best professors. Our selection process is extremely rigorous and focuses on pro-American education credentials.


We are growing. Courses, lessons, podcasts, and so much more. Stay with us, and you will continue to get the most exclusive pro-American education content.